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Code name: THE_INK_BUG

Sonia DeBenetti-Carlisle

Pronoun: She/Her/Goddess

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I have been apart of the tattooing industry since I was 15. Drawing custom tattoo designs for friends and local tattoo parlors ignited my passion for this ancient art form. Once I was able, I didn't hesitate at the opportunity to learn the techniques and history. I have been tattooing since 2006.


My techniques and inspiration have stemmed from my love for art. Gaining my Bachelor's in Fine Arts in drawing, illustration and art history has allowed me to use my formal skills and combine them worldwide influences to customize my client’s tattoos.

I love it all and I love this job!

SONIA PRICING: 150-200 HRLY | 800-1000 DAILY 




I specialize in realism, portraiture, figurative, historical/cultural tattoos. I love doing just about anything! Greyscale or color. 

Read some reviews below



“Sonia knocked my tattoo out of the park her staff and Sonia are top-notch. Great atmosphere and very professional. I will be back and highly recommend her shop !!!!"

Randy Merrill

“Sonia is amazing! She's the only person I let work on me!"

Samantha LeCuyer

“Sonia and the girls are the BEST! Welcoming atmosphere and high-quality work. I will not go anywhere else!!! 😍"

-Kayla Svedin

Sonia is nothing short of amazing! All the women are talented, professional, and cool.

-Nick Henly

“Sonia & her shop are awesome. I've been going to her for the last 2 years for two separate pieces. She books out in advance because she's great at what she does and she's in high demand (any good artist will have a waitlist, period). Any questions or concerns I've ever had were addressed promptly, she's extremely accommodating and great to bounce ideas off of if you're not sure about realistic expectations for a piece. When it comes to the tattooing experience itself, she is great at distracting with conversation or asking questions. She's always checking in and seeing how I'm tolerating the pain if I need a break, or water, etc. The other ladies working at the shop are fun to converse with while waiting, and all around I couldn't be more satisfied with my experiences there. They make great strides to make sure every client is happy with their piece before they walk out the door. As for some comments stating they're overpriced- someone is putting art on my body, and they're putting their creativity, time, and experience into it. Their pricing is extremely fair considering the amount of work and detail that has been put into a tattoo."

-Stacy Gingrich

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