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Maddy Drew

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I have been working at the Lady since I was 16 years old. I have always loved art, specifically dark and
creepy stuff. My love for art grew in all sorts of directions. I have been drawing since I can remember,
and more recently have been taking painting classes at North Dakota State University. I am going for my
bachelor’s with a business major and an art minor. I am at the shop whenever I get breaks from school.


I enjoy tattooing big & bold, but I also have experience in many other styles! I enjoy creating floraltattoos but also if you want eyeballs and gore, I’m your gal.

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Sonia's work and art amazes me! She is an artist dedicated to her craft, and it shows! I received one tattoo from Sonia in a few installments. After a 5 plus hour sitting, my skin healed beautifully within three days. Compared to other tattoo artists I've worked with- these people claimed several more years of experience- she is hands down the best! Her skill with the needle is as precise as her drawing. I felt very happy with my results and the amount of communication about what I wanted. I will be getting more and more of her work in the future!Items.

Racheal Marron

Ramsey, MN

Sonia is amazing! She did my first tattoo and did an amazing job! She was so nice about me being scared but it wasn't so bad. She designed my future tattoo and it's super cool and I can't wait for her to start on that

Kristina Parker

Coon Rapids, MN

My mother and I have both drove 4+ hours to be tattooed by Sonia. She is such a joy to be around and she does such an amazing job. I'm very, VERY, picky on how I want things done and she hits it out of the park everytime. I will continue to drive 4+ hours to see her. She does amazing work!

Hannah Lori Ladwig

Detroit Lakes, MN

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