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Code name: MaddyDrewonaPerson

Maddy Drew

Pronoun: She/Her



I have been working at The Tattooed Lady since I was 16 years old, and started tattooing right when I turned 18. I took a few years off to go to college, but have been on and off since 2016. I have been drawing since I can remember, and more recently have taken painting classes at North Dakota State University. (2017-2020) 

MADDY PRICING: 120-150 | HR 



I enjoy tattooing American traditional and dark surrealism, but I also have experience in many other styles! I enjoy anything from floral designs and bugs to eyeballs and skulls. 

Read some reviews


Maddy did an amazing job on my tattoo! Great people there I felt comfortable all around 5/5 for me😁

- Jake Waalk

“Maddy was fantastic. The rest of the staff chipped in to help place my stencils and they were so kind. Whole shop was very clean, you can tell sanitation is a big deal and taken serious. Very excited to come back and finish my leg sleeve!"

-Katie Halter

“Maddy was so nice and so was everyone else! Loved the vibe and will forever go to her for my future tattoos ❤️❤️"

-Samantha Regan

“Everyone was so lovely and kind. I felt so welcomed. I’ve never been to a shop that asks about pronouns, so I thought that was really awesome that they included that on the tattoo forms that you have to fill out. It really made me feel like the shop was a safe space to be in, which is was! Thank you beautiful beans for an awesome experience! I will be back for sure! 💛"

-Emma Bambenek

“Absolutely loved my tattoos from Maddy!!"

-Lexie Nelson

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