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Cheryl Harrington

Code name: ForeverGoesWherever
Cheryl Harrington
Pronoun: She/Her

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Apprenticing under Sonia De Benetti-Carlisle since 2017, I have been tattooing since 2018. A passion for all things art-related led me to seek a career that was both creative and local under Sonia’s tutelage. Graduating with an Associate’s of Applied Science in Video Game Art and Animation, I enjoy relating to others about video games, cartoons, and other forms of “Nerd Culture.” Most importantly, I aspire to create a comfortable experience while you're here and for you to leave with a quality tattoo you and I both love.




I am still learning the many complexities of tattooing but I love trying new styles of illustration and tattoo design. I have experience in watercolor tattoos, sketchy linework, illustrative and graphic pop-culture tattoos. If you don’t see it in my portfolio yet, don’t count me out! I am always looking to add something new and fun to my growing collection.

Find Cheryl's full portfolio on her Instagram or Facebook! (Click the icons above for a direct link)


“I just got my tattoo done tonight but I am in love with both the tattoo and the shop! Cheryl did such an amazing job. I also loved the atmosphere of the shop and how friendly and sweet everyone was! I'm so glad I chose you guys to do my tattoo!! Thank you all, especially Cheryl, for making my 2nd tattoo experience the best!!! I will definitely be coming back here in the future!!! Ahhhh I'm obsessed with Gertie! (who we all named collectively)"

- Makaela Conner

“This was my first tattoo. Cheryl did an amazing job! I absolutely love it! She was professional, she was fun, it was a great experience. Highly recommending her to everybody I know."

-Nancy Davis

“Once again I'm in awe with the work done by these talented artists. Cheryl did an amazing job and was very fun to talk to while the work was being done. The line work is phenomenal and her technique is right up my alley."

-Kristina Parker

“I worked with Cheryl on my first tattoo (ever!) and had an amazing experience. She helped me to know what to expect and gave me as much info as possible in order to make informed decisions. We ended up doing my tattoo in one session, but since it was a larger tattoo, she was very flexible about splitting it into two sessions and was very good at continually checking that I was handling the process okay! It was a fun & clean atmosphere. Thank you to Cheryl & all for a great experience! I will definitely be recommending your location to friends!"

-Molly Johns

“Cheryl is so easy & fun to work with. She’s a wonderfully talented artist that awesome people skills keeping things light & real. I can’t wait to work with her again."

-Shannon Hennen

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