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Code name: Strumble.tats
Lindsey Bennett
Pronouns: She/Her

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I have worked at The Tattooed Lady since 2018, have been tattooing since 2020, and am one of our shops youngest artists! I have loved drawing my whole life and have never had any plans other than to pursue a career in the arts. When I learned I could apply to become a proper tattoo apprentice I was ecstatic and jumped at the chance. I have loved every second working here, we have such a great team and I’m honored to be a part of it! I'm always a big fan of anything whimsical, nature and animal concepts, delicate lines and shading

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Lindsey did an amazing job on my tattoo today! She was so nice and very detailed and made sure it was everything I wanted!"

- Lindsey Fourdyce

“Nice professional and funny"

-Jeff Fickling

“Lindsey did a wonderful job with my tattoo, I admire her willingness to do such a detailed and important piece, she made it perfect for me. I got a feeling of very good energy when I entered the shop and loved the plants and artwork spread about, it was aesthetically pleasing and all together a very comfortable place to be. The other individuals at the shop were very supportive and welcoming as well which really made the experience even better. Pricing was great and well worth it. Tip you’re artists well! they deserve it :) thanks again Lindsey. - August"

-August Beise

“Lindsey is a great artist, and all the artists there were awesome to visit with and helpful."

-Ryan Carrington

“Great experience! Friendly staff and comforting environment! Perfect place for my first tattoo, and I’ll definitely come back for future ones."

-Ashley Hobot

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