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Code name: strangelyrabid
Bryce Burton
Pronoun: They/Them

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My name is Bryce Burton, I am a queer, non-binary artist from Minneapolis! I have always engaged with art in some capacity my whole life. Eventually earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration and Production Design from The School of the Art Institute (SAIC). I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a background in theater and film with over 10 years of experience. Recently, I have moved into the Tattooing industry to further my art practice and to be able to work more personably with clients! I am interested in trauma-informed tattooing (Discipline press), reclamation of identity, and body through tattooing. To take the idea of reweaving magic and stories into our skin to reclaim who we are at the cores of our values.


I am generally interested in deconstructed line compositions, surrealist images, organic lifeforms, cute animals or just generally making something visually and emotionally interesting. I am still learning but I’m always excited to explore!

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"I got my first tattoo by the gentle and talented Bryce Burton. They did a great job and made me feel at ease and informed about what to expect from a tattoo. The whole team at The Tattooed Lady was super cool. "

-Hilary F.

"Bryce was attentive and thorough. I really appreciated the way they walked me through each step of what they were doing. I felt taken care of!"

-Hal S.

"Amazing experience, beautiful art, and steady hands!"

Patrick C.

"Very friendly!!"

Alli Aldrich

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