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My interests in tattooing stemmed from the process of getting tattooed myself. I've been drawing for as much of my life as I can remember, and probably longer. Fine art has always been a passion of mine, as well as the "strange and unusual." I always knew that regardless of the career path I would take in life, it had to be art-related in some way. Throughout college, I learned and applied many new techniques to enhance my skills, and I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Fine Art. I have also received several awards for my work in drawing and painting, and have been showcased in a number of fine art exhibitions. I entered the tattoo industry as an apprentice in 2016 and have been tattooing since 2017, and I truly appreciate the many ways in which I am able to utilize my knowledge in design and art theory in my work.


I enjoy meeting new people and collaborating with them to bring their ideas to life.


I work in a wide range of styles from realism to American traditional (and just about anything in between) to tailor my designs to best suit the vision and goals of my clients. I really enjoy blending elements of representational realism with various illustrative styles and abstract pieces.

Exploring unique imagery is what I live for! Working in full color is super fun for me, but I also enjoy some soft black and grays here and there. As far as subject matter goes, just about anything organic is what I'm all about - plant life, insects, animals, the human figure, and then some. Peep my portfolio for inspiration on some of my styles to incorporate into your next tattoo with me

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I had an excellent experience getting tattooed on Friday, awesome staff and Nikki did a beautiful job on my tattoo, it looks so crisp and precise and beautiful. will definitely be coming back for all my tattoos.

Jasper Lin Abelson

Nikki did a great job finishing my back piece. I was very impressed with her and her work. The shop was clean and the prices are more than reasonable. If you are looking for new ink, make a stop by The Tattooed Lady. Thanks Nikki!

Kymmie Bourdon

I got my tattoo from Nikki and she did an amazing job!

Cody Lesinski

I have had 2 tattoos some with Nikki and am beyond satisfied. Deciding my next one now!

Katie Bakke

Nikki was awesome. I received a very beautiful tattoo. Very friendly shop.

Cathy Welch

Nikki was awesome! She did three tats for me and I love them!

Kiki Rogers

Last night I got a tattoo done with Nikki. The beginning consultations were very thorough, and Nikki revised her drawing several times until it was exactly what I wanted. The tattoo itself turned out even more beautiful than I envisioned!! I will absolutely be back. The shop itself is very clean, and beautifully decorated. The artists, and owner, are all very fun and friendly.

Susie Scofield

By far my favorite shop I've ever been to. Nikki did an awesome job and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Not to mention it's by far the cleanest shop I've ever seen. I know I'll be going back for more!

Zach Jenkins

Nikki did an amazing job on my tattoo if i could id give her 100 out of 100!

Lacey-marie Bowman

nikki has done my two tattoos and she does not disappointment at all !! i absolutely will be going back when it’s time for another one ! ❤️❤️

Halie Monroe

My first tattoo was a great experience. Thank you Nikki.

Pauline Ewert

Fantastic! Everyone from Jessi who did the consultation to Nikki who did our our tattoos were fabulous! Highly recommend!

Gina Miller

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