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Jessi Henrich

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I started my artistic adventure as a photographer in the early years of my college. After a long time spent admiring my grandmother's paintings and my mother's sketches, I rededicated my focus to learning all I could about the traditional arts. Alongside developing an obsession for learning, I began completing sketchbooks and trying different mediums such as oil paints, charcoal, and acrylic, that then blossomed into the watercolor and gouache world I enjoy today.

In developing my art style I was able to extend my range to a variety of subject material. Although I still default to an art style that is often light and colorfully illustrative; whether it's cute or derpy creatures, mythical and fantasy characters, astronomy and the universe, or all things ocean-related, I enjoy a good challenge that pulls me from the familiar.



No matter what I'm drawing I enjoy the methodical movement of a line and the composition of an image, which is where my fascination for tattooing comes in the most! While learning this industry I have come to admire the craftsmanship and rhythm of painting an image into the skin. I welcome you to join me in the visual journey as we bring your vision into life. I hope you enjoy checking out my portfolio here or on my Instagram @Cuddlefish_Ink for more tattoo designs and drawings!


Very welcoming shop!! The amount of laughs that I had today made it that much more fun! Jessi was my artist and she knocked my tattoo out of the park! Highly recommend them

Karleigh Rose

Very professional and clean. Jessi was focused and didn’t waste any time. Along with friendly and knew what she was doing. Will defiantly be returning!

Liv M.

Great atmosphere! Everyone was very nice. Professional. Clean stations. Jessi did a fantastic job on my tattoo. Turned out exactly how I had hoped!

Erin B.

Jessi, thank you so much for the beautiful tattoo you did yesterday! I've gotten soooo many compliments on the detail and color! Hopefully I'll be sending a couple people your way, and I'll definitely be back!! Thanks again!


Jocelyn Osborn

Thank you to Jessi and Sonia for a terrific experience. Hands down they have the best team as they all worked to make us all feel so comfortable. Thank you Jennifer, Amanda and Hailee.

Jennifer S.

Phenomenal artist! Great atmosphere! Really made getting tattooed comfortable and easy. So knowledgeable and helpful

Cory Matthew

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