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Jessi Henrich

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I started my artistic adventure as a photographer in the early years of my college. After a long time spent admiring my grandmother's paintings and my mother's sketches, I rededicated my focus to learning all I could about the traditional arts. Alongside developing an obsession for learning, I began completing sketchbooks and trying different mediums such as oil paints, charcoal, and acrylic, that then blossomed into the watercolor and gouache world I enjoy today.

In developing my art style I was able to extend my range to a variety of subject material. Although I still default to an art style that is often light and colorfully illustrative; whether it's cute or derpy creatures, mythical and fantasy characters, astronomy and the universe, or all things ocean-related, I enjoy a good challenge that pulls me from the familiar.



No matter what I'm drawing I enjoy the methodical movement of a line and the composition of an image, which is where my fascination for tattooing comes in the most! While learning this industry I have come to admire the craftsmanship and rhythm of painting an image into the skin. I welcome you to join me in the visual journey as we bring your vision into life. I hope you enjoy checking out my portfolio here or on my Instagram @Cuddlefish_Ink for more tattoo designs and drawings!


Phenomenal artist! Great atmosphere! Really made getting tattooed comfortable and easy. So knowledgeable and helpful

Cory Matthew

Ramsey, MN

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