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Why is Walmart allowed to be open not you?


We know you may be disappointed, left unfinished, or we didn't even get the chance to begin your tattoo project yet! We understand the closure is frustrating, trust us, we are frustrated too. HOWEVER, before you become too impatient and potentially make the unsafe decision (to call your friend of a friend who may tattoo peeps on the side) we want to ensure that you are well informed that we (along with all other tattoo studios) are closed for a very good reason.


We are not closed just because of 6ft of social distancing. It is also not because we are considered "non-essential".

It is simply because when we create a tattoo, we open your skin. This process has the ability compromise your immune system. Making you far more vulnerable to infections, which could be bacterial or viral. And not to mention the longer you sit in our chair the more exposed you are, unlike your more brief interactions with Walmart cashiers. 


Protecting yourself is key, and that means keeping the largest part of your body's defense system (your skin) intact. We want to be apart of the solution, and honestly so should you and any other well-trained tattoo artist. So please do not ask us, or pressure us or allow any other artist to take this risk. Not only for your sake, but for others around you.


DON'T PANIC! We will reopen, and we will be ecstatic to get back to work for you! We will see you when it is safe, which will be soon if we continue to work together and make educated choices!


In the meantime be patient, be safe and be diligent.



MAY 21ST, 2020

The governor CONFIRMED June 1st we are reopening! Not to mention the even bigger news, we are MOVING!



MAY 13TH, 2020

The governor has projected tattoo studios to be open June 1st! We are very excited for this possibility. Before we open and before you stop in, we have some new rules and protocols to follow to ensure everyone's saftey.



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