Now offering cosmetic tattoos. Our artist Dena, has been offering cosmetic tattoos for over 20 years. Dena is technically trained in health (as an RN, BSN, and CIT), attooing, and permanent cosmetics, she will be able to provide you a wonderful experience that caters to your needs and desires. 


Look through our artist's portfolios and pair your tattoo styling with one of our artists. If you need help deciding, call or stop in for to the shop and we will be glad to help direct you to the right artist based on style and availability.


Once you have your artist, set up a design consultation. The average consultation can take anywhere from 30-60 min long. Or if you want to do this fast check out our Consult Form! This gives you the opportunity to sit down with an artist and go over your plans and expectations. We encourage you to bring in examples of your tattoo inspirations, tattoo styles you like or designs you have. Based on the information reviewed during your consult our artist can offer a rough price estimate. A finalized estimate will be determined when your design is completed and approved. Pricing varies on styles, scale, location, and artist. SCHEDULE ME


All tattoo appointments require a non-refundable $80-100 design deposit per appointment depending on the scale of your project. This deposit will be used to reserve your date on the calendar and pay for the artist’s time in creating your custom tattoo design. Don’t worry, your deposit will be deducted from the price of your tattoo! Your design deposit will allow you to make up to, two revisions to your design. Tattoo Designs will be available for you to review roughly 1-2 weeks before your appointment. However this is not a gurantee. Depedning on on schedules, COVID and other factors, we will simply do our best! *Please note, If you change your tattoo completely we may require an additional deposit, which will not be deducted from your total. If you cancel your appointment in less than 48hr, deposits will be forfeited. All deposits are non-refundable.


Once we have your details and deposit, we will book your tattoo appointment. Roughly 1-2 weeks before your scheduled appointment we will contact you to review your custom tattoo design. * We require a minimum of 48hrs notice to cancel and or reschedule an appointment. We do charge a $100 cancelation fee if you do not notify us with 48hrs. SCHEDULE


We welcome walk-ins. However, we recommend calling us first to check for available walk-ins. Walk-ins are a first come first served basis. The person who comes into the shop first will be helped first. Based on artist availability and size/placement of the tattoo.
During COVID - In complying with state restrictions, walk-ins during COVID are done a bit differently, currently walk-ins are treated more like same day appointments. Depending on availability, current client occupancy, and the size/complexity of your design determines if we're available that day or if we need to schedule you an appointment. We highly recommend calling to check for availability and filling out our consult form here on the website. ( CONTACT US


All Tattoo clients must be 18years or older to get tattooed in MN. All clients will be asked, at every session, to provide a valid government-issued photo I.D. This is mandatory, no exceptions as it is an MN State Law.


We accept Cash, major Credit Cards and Paypal Credit! Paypal Credit: We are happy to offer a Payment Option through Paypal Credit! This allows you to Buy Now and Pay Later. Spend more while maintaining your budget! Want to learn more? CLICK HERE! We do not accept Checks or Payment Advances


Want expensive ink?

Tattoos can be expensive! We offer a nifty payment option that helps you manage your budget. To help you achieve your dreams, we offer PayPal CREDIT so you can buy now, and pay later! Pay off your tattoo or other purchases in convenient monthly payments.

Interested? Learn more here!